Friday, June 10, 2011

Philippine Fishing Boat - Green

Philippine Fishing Boat - Floating

Philippine Fishing Boats

Philippine Fishing Boat - Side View

It has a long stick which the fisherman used to turn let and right.

Philippine Fishing Boat - Non-motorized

An old kind of non-motorized fishing boat that is operated with the used of a paddle. As we can see it has a covered box which the fisherman used to put fishes that they caught with an ice inside it.

Philippine Fishing Boats on the Sea Shore

Philippine Fishing Boats

Philippine Fishing Boats

Numerous colors of fishing boats in the Philippines.

Colorful Philippine Fishing Boat

Philippine Fishing Boat - Back View

Back view of the boat where you can see its pivot.

Back of Philippine Fishing Boat

This is how the Fishing boat look like on the back it has a pivot for turning.

Philippine Fishing Boats with a Hang Clothes

Fishing Boat not only for fishing but for clothes drying.:)

Philippine Fishing Boats beside a Coconut Tree

Red and White Color of a Philippine Fishing Boat

We think that fishing boats is only for fishing but it can also be a clothes dryer when it is nice and sunny;) Some Filipino fisherman like to hang there fishing clothes on the outrigger or the boat stabilizer to keep there clothes dry.;)

Philippine Fishing Boat Floating on the Sea

This is an example of a Philippine Fishing boat floating on the water.

Philippine Fishing Boat

A fishing boat with a two Styrofoam that was put under. This has a blue waterproofed canvas and a box on top.

Philippine Fishing Boat

This fishing boat is placed on the of the two pieces of wood, which is a few inches high from the beach sand. The triangular shape of woods on top of the boat is serve as a shade of the fishermen to keep them dry, they usually put a waterproofed canvas on it before they go fishing.

Philippine Fishing Boats

Philippine Fishing Boats

Different assortment of Philippine Fishing boats and its colors.

Philippine Fishing Boats

A variety of fishing boat examples.

Philippine Fishing Boat in the Beach

A James Aaron boat, painted with green, yellow and white color and a year 2010. It has a piece of wood below it, to protect the bottom part of the boat in order to keep it dry when it is out from the sea water.

Philippine Fishing Boat - 2010

A fishing Boat that is place in the seashore with a car wheel below it. It has a white and a light blue color, written with the name of the owner and the place where the boat located and a year 2010.

Philippine Fishing Boat - White and Blue Color

White and blue color with a line of black and yellow in the middle part. Placed over the buried pieces of wood to keep it dry.

Philippine Fishing Boat - 2011

An example of Philippine fishing boat, that was painted with green, yellow and orange, with a painted year 2011.